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Denis Avdiu: The Effectual Artist Manager

A first glance at the good-looking and compelling figure of Denis Avdiu on his Instagram would suggest that he is a vivacious model but to everyone’s surprise he is much more! Denis is a renowned Artist Manager from Kosovo who is known for his elite client list. In addition, he is the founder and CEO of AVD Digital, a company that empowers content creators, working with them to grow their channels to the next level and to succeed on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Digital Stores and other platforms.

The ace entrepreneur and influencer saw great opportunity in the field of marketing and hence he started his career by providing a platform where he manages celebrities and artists of different genres. Big names in the entertainment field like Butrint Imeri, Ledri Vula, Kida, Mc Kresha, Lyrical Son, Don Xhoni, Gjiko, Buta R-JAN, SNOVV, Adelina Berisha, Big Papi, Enis Bytyqy (and many more!) are some of his prominent clients and he has helped boost their popularity to a large extent. Gradually, he began his own Marketing Agency (AVD Digital) through which he provides YouTube Services, Digital Distribution, Brand Strategy, Collaboration and Promotional Activities, Audience Development, Content Management and so on.

Since he is a creative and a prominent influencer, he has reaped more 12K followers over his Instagram handle over a short period of time. Besides, his marketing agency – AVD Digital, has garnered more than 58K followers and 880K subscribers over its Instagram and YouTube handles respectively. Butrint Imeri lately launched his latest music video – ‘Butrint Imeri ft. Don Xhoni – Corazon’ and it has already crossed 4.5 Crore views on YouTube, all thanks to Denis Avdiu and his AVD digital channel. Recently, Butrint published a photo on Instagram with his manager, Denis Avdiu wrote, “Trust me it is a very strong collaboration”. Of course, Denis’ private life also attracts a lot of attention. He was photographed with the famous Albanian model, Dorina Gegiçi, which showed his status had changed and reached new heights.

That’s a lot of popularity for a 22-year-old! Yes, he’s just 22 as revealed in one of his recent social media posts. Belonging to a humble background and to have reached such great heights in such short time is what sets Denis Avdiu apart from various other businessmen. Denis had a rough childhood and led a life of poverty as his parents could not provide the basic necessities of life. He used to do small part-time jobs in order to provide for his family. Apparently, success wasn’t served on a silver platter to this master entrepreneur but that never stopped him from believing in himself, staying ambitious and having high goals. He regards himself as a faithful student of life.

On how he started his entrepreneurial journey, the maestro states that it began with a small brainstorming session with his friends in 2012 and by 2015 he had launched the marketing agency – AVD Digital to further expand his reach. No wonder he has quite a fan following in Kosovo and nearby regions. Presently Denis has been participating in a lot of seminars and conferences where gives motivational speeches and shares tricks on entrepreneurship. One of his famous quotes is that to be successful, you need to choose your companionship (friend circles etc.) well as staying near successful people helps you learn all the time and keeps your confidence high.

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