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Dr. Rohit Gadkari’s Exceptional Numerology Course Graduates Shine as Emerging Consultants

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India]: Nov 25, 2023, at a 4-Star Hotel near International Airport, Mumbai. 

Dr. Rohit Gadkari’s outstanding prowess in numerology has once again received accolades as his students completed a comprehensive six-month Advanced Numerology Course. The diverse cohort from various cities, including Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and more, emerged equipped with a profound understanding of six distinct forms of numerology after undergoing 200 live classes.

The unique aspect of this program lies in its affordability and value for money, which is evident in its payment flexibility with a 4-EMI structure. Dr. Gadkari’s commitment to making quality education accessible is underscored by the recognition received as the Outstanding Numerologist of 2023 at the prestigious Taj Vivanta.

The alumni from Dr. Gadkari’s course, representing cities across India and beyond, stand as a testament to his dedication to knowledge dissemination and the impact of his teachings:

  • Yogita Mirchandani (Pune)
  • Vilma Tony (Mumbai)
  • Vanita Daga (Mumbai)
  • Vaijayanti Thakar (Pune)
  • Urmi Vijay Dinani (Nashik)
  • Suresh N Ghadge (Pune)
  • Sudha Rohilla (Mumbai)
  • Sonali Prabir Deb (Navi Mumbai)
  • Sonali More (Mumbai)
  • Shubha Purohit (Bangalore)
  • Shivani Mehra Darshan (Mumbai)
  • Shilpa Jain (Mumbai)
  • Shakshi Kirti Jain (Thane)
  • Seema Parekh (Mumbai)
  • Sangeeta Karnik (Navi Mumbai)
  • Rohit Sharmma (Pune)
  • Ritu Jalan Agarwal (Pune)
  • Rita Baldota (Mumbai)
  • Rinki Upadhyay (Mumbai)
  • Rimma Srivastava (Thane)
  • Riddhi Sangoi (Mumbai)
  • Purvi Jobalia (Mumbai)
  • Preeti Seth (Mumbai)
  • Preeti Harsora (Mumbai)
  • Pooja Kaushal (Pune)
  • Pallavi Ransubhe (Dewas)
  • Niharika Pandya (Surat)
  • Nidhi Saluja (Mumbai)
  • Monali Shah (Mumbai)
  • Lata Mehtta (Navi Mumbai)
  • Lalita Singh (Mumbai)
  • Kavita Sali (Pune)
  • Kalyani Haridas Moze (Mumbai)
  • Jigna Vesmawala (Mumbai)
  • Jaya Ananthapadmanabhan (Dewas)
  • Himali Pandya (Mumbai)
  • Hetal Sanghvi (Mumbai)
  • Hema Joshii (Mumbai)
  • Harmish J Bavishi (Bangalore)
  • Dr. Rajshree (Indore)
  • Dr. Madhulika R Dhamija (Mumbai)
  • Dr. Rachana Saravade (Bangalore)
  • Divya S L (Mumbai)
  • Deipti Shinde (Kolkata)
  • Bunty Patwari (Surat)
  • Bindiya Rajkumar Bardia (Thane)
  • Baldeep Sunil Khande (Thane)
  • Asha Sangoi (Pune)
  • Anuradha Gupte (Mumbai)
  • Aleeksha Jain (Mumbai)
  • Aarti Surve (Mumbai)
  • Aarti Ashwin Jogi (Dubai)
  • Lina Prabir Deb (Mumbai)
  • Deepika Sanghvi (Mumbai)

Dr. Rohit Gadkari’s journey from a hotel management graduate to an exceptional numerologist exemplifies dedication, continuous learning, and the pursuit of excellence. His recent recognition at the Global Teaching and Business Awards 2023 reaffirms his commitment to sharing knowledge and inspiring individuals to pursue their passions relentlessly.

His commitment to education and unwavering dedication continue to impact and empower individuals on their journeys toward numerological expertise.

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