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Fashion technology towards web3 and metaverse

Founders Salman Shaikh artist, filmmaker & entrepreneur owner of the webmark and Gausi Mujammil Garment Manufacturer & Businessman.

Few years ago when no one would have thought of such concept, an entrepreneur and a clothing manufacturer came up with the idea of connecting social link and presence profile with the help of a simple QR code embedded on a t-shirt.

Noyou manufactures QR code t-shirt is a kind of t-shirt design that uses an innovative QR code technology to direct people to view the embedded content of the t-shirt by scanning the QR code. This kind of t-shirt design helps the creator to interact with its audience online.

Noyou T-shirt design are great to use as they have the ability to make your t-shirt interactive by connecting people to the online information when they scan your QR code using their smartphone gadgets.

Noyou believe this is an enduring concept which will be the future of ownership of the digital asset in virtual and physical world. They have decided to make this platform towards web3.

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