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Short circuit accidents and Arc blasts costing more in industries

In recent times we are seeing a lot of Electrical short circuits accidents and Arc blasts in industries and factories which are causing huge damage to assets and people. The question raises in every brain is regarding the safety and solution for these hazards A facility’s power system is examined in an arc flash assessment or analysis to ascertain the incident energy present at particular electrical devices to which workers may be exposed while “interacting with” the facility’s electrical equipment. The outcome of the assessment and analysis is a determination of the risk level and labelling and recommending of the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) needed for the electrical devices, the suitability of the devices for service as installed, and the existence of any protection coordination problems as the system is needed.

When it comes to reducing risks and enhancing safety for workers, contractors, electrical employees, and the entire safety culture of the company, the arc flash studies created by a skilled arc flash analysis engineer are essential for arc flash compliance services. It is necessary to do an arc flash analysis (AFA) in order to identify the electrical danger levels and implement the necessary safety measures to reduce the possibility of employee, contractor, and vendor injuries and burns. As a result, it is a fact that arc flash studies are needed for every major electrical component found in commercial, industrial, manufacturing, utility, and other buildings, including meter socket enclosures, industrial control panels, switchboards, panel boards, electrical transformers, motor control centres (MCCs), electrical disconnects, and others.

With a track record of completing more than 500 arc flash risk assessments to date, VB Engineering is recognized as a pioneer in conducting arc flash studies. You can obtain an arc flash analysis from VB Engineering that complies with state, OSHA, NFPA and international standards. It has an internal team, data collection equipment, and Arc flash study resources. For their thorough and cutting-edge technical analysis using modern tools like ETAP, SKM, and VB TANTRA, VB Engineering is renowned internationally in the services industry with a high percentage of satisfied customers. Arc Flash Study Costs with VB Engineering are reasonable since they take the business’s financial strategy into account and offer the most economical option. It offers the following services:

  • SLD Preparation
  • Protective Device Coordination
  • ARC Flash Risk Assessment
  • Short circuit Studies
  • Harmonic Analysis

Technology-enabled business solutions are defined, created, and delivered by Vijaya Bhanu Engineering India (P) Ltd. for all businesses worldwide. By utilizing the industry knowledge, business acumen, and strategic partnerships with top technology companies, VB Engineering Pvt Ltd offers a full variety of services. Because of its own expertise and dedication to its client’s business objectives, VB Engineering has earned a reputation for providing high-quality services in power system engineering and planning. They provide a myriad of services as a broad-based technical professional consulting firm to assist their clients in maintaining a competitive edge in their respective marketplaces.

It is very important to train the people on Electrical Arc Flash Risks& their mitigation methods. As per NFPA every individual in the workplace should be made aware and trained on Arc Flash hazards and the associated boundaries and risks

Total solution-oriented company VB Engineering is widely known for its plethora of services in power system engineering and planning that defines, designs, and delivers technology-enabled business solutions for the companies.

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