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First time ever: Fashion show with autistic & intellectual special kids organized by Sew In Style over live music

Everyone is talented and All They Need is to Showcase their Hidden Talents & Skills.

So Sew In Style: (Designer Studio) located in Kolkata is coming up with a Fashion Show with Autistic & Intellectual Special Kids with Celebrity Artist walking the Ramp on the Live Folk Music sung by Celebrity Singers along with these Special Kids in Collaboration with Kolahol Theatre Workshop. It is First Time Ever which Sew In Style is coming forward.

Every Autistic Kids have speech problem and other problems as well.. Neither of the Kids were able to speak properly so initially first 4 months went on Speech Therapy and post that these Special Kids are able to sing, and act. They are never looked upon by society in a proper way.

These Special Kids never ever got the opportunity to wear nice clothing so when I, Piyal Banerjee from Sew In Style went to meet these kids, all they said – ‘Mam- Can you make a nice dress for us, and that is where the journey started with these Autistic kids” Immediately I promised them to provide the best Costume for each one of them over a Fashion Show. That day itself, their smile bought a difference in my life…

Alone I or Sew In Style can do a little but all together we make a difference so come let’s all come forward together and make a difference to these Autistic Kids.

Request each one of you to contribute for one product from Sew In Style which will be worn by these Autistic Kids during the Fashion Show.

Connect via WhatsApp :+91 8777402506 or email at [email protected] only.

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