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Friday WebWorks unveils upcoming software solutions, marks transition from Krysllio Technologies

Friday WebWorks, leading web development and digital marketing agency, announced its rebranding from Krysllio Technologies, established in 2017. This rebranding is aimed at expanding the company’s appeal and services to a wider audience.

Friday WebWorks is a full-service agency that offers a range of web development and digital marketing services, including WordPress development, web development, and digital marketing. The company’s team of experienced developers and marketers use the latest technologies and best practices to deliver innovative solutions that cater to the unique needs of its clients.

The company is committed to delivering exceptional results while prioritizing work-life balance and offering flexible work arrangements to its team members. Friday WebWorks is proud to have a strong work culture that fosters collaboration, innovation, and a passion for excellence.

Friday WebWorks is working with clients across all industries to build their website and digital presence. Some of the company’s existing clients include small businesses, startups, and large corporations. Friday WebWorks has helped these clients achieve their business objectives by providing innovative web development and digital marketing solutions that drive growth and profitability.

In addition to web development and digital marketing services, Friday WebWorks is also working on upcoming software products such as an ERP solution and CRM solution. These products are aimed at providing businesses with advanced tools for managing their operations and improving their customer engagement. The ERP solution will help businesses automate their processes and streamline their operations, while the CRM solution will enable businesses to manage their customer interactions and enhance their customer experience.

Krishna Sagar, the CEO of Friday WebWorks, expressed his excitement about the rebrand and the future of the company. “We are thrilled to announce our rebranding to Friday WebWorks. Our new brand name reflects our commitment to providing exceptional web development and digital marketing services to clients across all industries. We are also excited about the upcoming software products that we are working on and are confident that they will help businesses achieve their objectives and stay ahead of the competition.”

For more information about Friday WebWorks, please visit the company’s website at and follow @fridaywebworks on all social medias.

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