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Intellixaa Group grows from 5 employees to a 200 employee group in less than 3 years

Intellixaa launched world’s only blockchain-based employee engagement platform during the recent SHRM conclave held at Bengaluru and Mumbai. This is a new initiative from the Intellixaa group of companies which provide services and products around human capital ecosystem. Intellixaa today employees around 200+ people and is headquartered at Hyderabad.

Growing a company is a challenging and exciting task. Over the past three years, I have had the opportunity to take a small company with only five employees and grow it into a thriving business with over 200 employees claimed Preetham Nalam, Chairman & MD of Intellixaa Group.

“Today we have added another innovative product to our portfolio, Employee First which is an employee engagement survey and certification platform comes with many industry first features and I am very excited about what we have built, we are aiming to go global with Employee First in the next 24 months” added Preetham.

Intellixaa today provides its services and products in India, Philippines, United States and Mexico and will be launching in UK shortly. Intellixaa Group consists of Intellixaa IT Solutions, GroWise Academy, Ennance, YourCVwriter and now Employee First.

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