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Himansh Verma; A go getter businessman who established a brand based on science and led by Technology

Conceive, Act and Get is just the right strategy that tells apart an extraordinary businessman from an ordinary one. Himansh Verma, the CEO of Navrattan Group with his astute sense of professionalism covered his journey from a middle class set up to the formation of a conglomerate.

In the contemporary world, being innovative decides your fate in every sphere and it is no different in business. Venturing into the field of construction, transportation, energy, mining healthcare, science and technology with an aim to offer the best to the people was the motive that became a driving force in the life of Verma.

Navrattan Group with it’s headquarter in Mumbai has grown manifold in last one decade under the leadership of the CEO. Verma while sharing the success mantra of his business stated, “Quality and commitment is the backbone of my business which has helped in delivering only the best which in turn facilitated the inclusive growth of the group.” 

“In initial years I had learnt that one has to be a jack of all trades and master of some so as to write the successful script for my business. Transforming challenges into opportunities I took keen interest in the field of finance, marketing and operations that went a long way in reducing the market risks involved in a business,” shared Verma.

Sustainability is another feature that Verma has always adhered to while expanding his business as he strongly believes in preserving the environment. “Looking at the long term effects of the damage done to our resources, I practice and preach in designing and developing eco-friendly technologies,” Verma went on to add.

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