Vampire Facial – Plasma Face Sculpting- Natural Way to Reclaim Your Beauty, Heal and Antiaging

World Record Holder Board Certified Cosmetic Dermatologist, Dr. Arvinder Singh of Arth Skin does it by Unique Painless Method at Jaipur, Udaipur in Rajasthan

Everyone wants beautiful and healthy skin. However, due to reasons such as stress, lack of nutrients, environmental changes and aging, blemishes and wrinkles appear.

Why Vampire Facial Should be Termed as Divine Facial?

A PRP facial rejuvenation, also known as a vampire facial, is an advanced skin care treatment method that harnesses the body’s natural power to heal itself. It’s often referred to as a vampire facial because it involves drawing blood. But actually, it should be called as Divine Facial because the blood has various god gifted healing factors and when it is injected by experts at the appropriate points of face, it provides magical results. It is the reason why Dr. Arvinder termed this as Divine Facial because of God provided healing regenerative elements in the blood.

What is Special About Dr. Arvinder Singh of Arth Skin?

As a Cosmetic Dermatologist, Dr. Arvinder holds certifications and accreditations from the top organizations in the world, including Oxford, the American Association of Aesthetic Medicine, the Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine, the International Academy of Sweden, and Germany. Many people are anxious about injections, furthermore injections on face arises more hesitations. Dr. Arvinder Singh is among few who are Certified as Master in Face injections with painless technique often used for vampire facials, threads, botox and fillers. Dr. Arvinder Singh is among India’s few and Rajasthan’s only International Board Certified Cosmetic Dermatologist and Aesthetic Physician. He is expert in Facial Aesthetics, medical laser, and aesthetic medicine. With 23 years of experience in medical field under his belt, he is one of Rajasthan’s most in-demand cosmetic dermatologists.

A Brief About Vampire Facial / Face PRP

In the Face PRP process, blood is drawn and processed to extract the healing factors. At Arth Skin, Cold Centrifuge is used to extract the growth factors so that maximum harnessing of growth factors can be done. In comparison to ordinary centrifuge which leads to loss of growth factors due to heat and friction, cold centrifuge is able to preserve it by maintaining cold temperature

By pan facial canula zygomatic technique of international board certified Dr. Arvinder Singh the PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is injected at deeper level of 4 mm as per international norms. Dr. Singh is among the few experts across world who can do it painlessly.  This technique regenerates and promotes collagen synthesis by Collagen Induction Therapy. Along with PRP injections at deeper and superficial levels, NanoNeedling is used to create micro-channels over the skin that potentiates collagen synthesis and helps to treat Melasma, facial pigments and provides powerful antiaging.

After 4 to 6 weeks of therapy, one finds rejuvenated skin that looks younger and feels softer and smoother. The results usually last for many months.

Benefits of a Vampire Facial / Face PRP

  • Improved skin tone and texture
  • Improved moisture retention
  • Firm and Tight skin
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increased collagen production
  • Undereye Rejuvenation
  • Reverses Sun Damage
  • One of the best Antiaging Therapy
  • No downtime
  • Not much preparation is required
  • Sustainable results

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does Vampire Facial Work?

The short answer is yes. Vampire facials can effectively rejuvenate your skin, improve its texture and reduce wrinkles. What makes vampire facials unique is the process by which platelet rich plasma (PRP) is collected from blood and applied toface. This process may sound strange, but it is common in many medical treatments.

2. How much does a Vampire Facial cost?

At Arth Skin we charge only Rs.6,000/- to Rs.10,000/- for each session. The total cost depends on the area to be treated and its condition

3. How Long Does a Vampire Facial Last?

One can immediately see plumping results from the PRP and the shine and smoothness of Vampire facial will be visible after few weeks. Results are great and lasts for many months. As we know that we age daily and our lifestyle, pollution, age and genetics play important role. It is advisable to opt for the face prp twice a year.

4. Is the vampire facial painful?

It is painless in expert hands. Numbing cream is applied before the procedure to further reduce the sensation of prick. Dr. Arvinder Singh is certified painless face injector so be sure to get painless Vampire Facial with him.

5. Who Needs Vampire Facial?

Anyone who is looking for glowing smooth, good texture and toned skin needs Vampire Facial. It does wonderful antiaging treatments, helps to treat melasma, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, reverses sun damage, and provide unmatchable glow to face.

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