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How this 46-year-old Paramedical Institute in India is influencing the global healthcare landscape

New Delhi [India]: Welcome to the Institute of public health and hygiene (IPHH) and the legacy it carries. IPHH is one of India’s top-rated premier autonomous teaching institutions committed to providing practically all of the allied health Undergraduate and Postgraduate Certificates, Diplomas, and Degrees courses taught around the world.

Since its inception, the Institute has been providing life skill training in the healthcare industry in order to develop employability skills among the youth, particularly the underprivileged and dropouts, so that they can be groomed as agents of national transformation through skill development while also ensuring their livelihood and a lucrative career option in the healthcare industry.

How It All Started?

The Institute of public health and hygiene (IPHH) started with a humble beginning and has grown to become the country’s premier and oldest paramedical and allied health education institute, with a 46-year track record. The Institute of public health and hygiene (IPHH) is a co-educational institute that welcomes students from all backgrounds. Dr. Shyam Sunder Joshi, whose creative beliefs prompted him to envisage and develop an Institution that aims to be inclusive and world-class opened its doors to the world in July 1976. Dr. Shyam Sunder Joshi- the visionary founder was much ahead of his time and helped evolve the Institute in direct community service, such as Community Health-Care Services, Free Rural Mobile Health Services, Free Rural Community Public School (Primary Education), Immunization Program, Service & Rehabilitation for the Disabled, and HIV/AIDS Awareness Programs, way before such services were available.

IPHH: Forging The Future & Helping The Youth To Acquire Much Needed Employability Skill 

More than any other institution, The Institute of public health and hygiene (IPHH) is dedicated to serving the future society. Through active engagement in educational activities, the Institute is training individuals for meaningful, productive lives and providing answers to current and future challenges. IPHH is the best teaching institute in India serving as a reservoir for collective knowledge and experience.

Since 1984, the Institute has been a Pre-Release Training Center for the Government of India’s Ministry of Defence (DGR), New Delhi, and has been training in-service nominated candidates from the Army, Navy, and Air Force, as well as representatives from various state governments, including the governments of Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, Assam, Madhya Pradesh, Sikkim, and Meghalaya, the Chandigarh Administration, and the Ladakh Hill Council.

Offering Real-World Training & Qualifications

Many educational institutions create training programs based on their own arbitrary ideas about what constitutes a good education. Our programs are based on the real-world training and qualifications that businesses look for when making recruiting decisions. The Institute of public health and hygiene (IPHH) is committed to teaching students what they need to know rather than what the institute wants them to learn, and this is a critical distinction. They provide a practical, hands-on education that prepares every individual for satisfying, long-term careers.

Masters & Bachelor Degree Program Offered By IPHH

  • M.Sc. In Medical Lab Technology
  • Bachelor in Medical Lab Technology
  • Bachelor in Radio Imaging Technology
  • Bachelor in Operation Theater Technology
  • Bachelor in Optometry 
  • Bachelor in Physiotherapy          
  • BSc in Cardiac Care Technology 
  • B.Sc. in Dialysis Technology         
  • B.Sc. in Cath Lab Technology

Apart from the above masters and bachelor degrees courses, IPHH also offers several short-term diplomas and certification courses ranging from 1-year & 2-year duration to few weeks. 

Career Office & Placement Cell At IPHH 

Each and every student enrolled with The Institute of public health and hygiene (IPHH) receive professional career counseling from the IPHH Career Office. The entire department is always geared to helping young aspirants find suitable employment opportunities. To foster the finest industry behavior for an impressive show, seminars on resume writing are held with courses in personality development and interview abilities. For better exposure and a wider range of opportunities, several interviews are conducted both on and off-campus every year throughout the academic session.

Year-round Academic Guidance To Students With Best In-Demand Healthcare Courses 

The institute’s career office collaborates with organizations and students to find a match that benefits both sides, as well as providing year-round academic guidance to students. A large number of international students have chosen IPHH as their academic home, and the number continues to rise year after year.

The Institute of public health and hygiene (IPHH) is committed to providing every student with assistance throughout their time here, as well as prepare them for the industry through our programs and placement possibilities.

Want to know more about how The Institute of public health and hygiene (IPHH) is delivering world-class healthcare education and empowering the youth to confidently earn handsome income by instilling in-demand paramedical courses? 

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