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HyggeX World: The exclusive mentor to your academic needs 

Technological outburst in the education field is tempting and traditional methods have taken a back seat. Everything moving at a fast pace in the education sector is awesome but sometimes could create a roadblock for some learners. 

Coping up with exams, assignments, time management is a lot on plate and many students struggle to work out things. That’s where specialised guidance is helpful that shows them the right path. 

If you’re one struggling with being productive in your academics, you need not worry anymore! HyggeX World has your back! 

Who’s behind building this amazing platform?

Sameer Ahmed Khan, the founder and CEO has worked closely with the Delhi government to develop education in schools. Mentor Sameer Khan has been associated with Unacademy as an Plus Educator too, where he helped 1000 of students with his guidance who walked out as toppers. 

Author Sameer Khan deserves special mention too, as he has written the book Eerie Edges, a masterpiece on people’s emoticons. 

What does HyggeX offer you? 

Created by the expert educator Mr. Khan, HyggeX serves amazing offers for you on the plate. 

Here’s a glimpse:

  • Guides you with critical productivity issues like time management, sticking to assignment deadlines and regulates the self-learning method which is a big plus in today’s era.
  • Mentors you on important exam preparations and helps solve your doubts. There are industry experts with years of experience at the faculty table to help you resolve academic problems and motivate you to deliver your best in the exam hall. 
  • The hybrid platform is backed by offline institutions, live study materials and exclusive online classes to help you prepare for national-level competitive exams like the Clat. 

HyggeX has simplified education and happily takes care of your academic needs. Not only it has a solution to all your queries but also premium mentorship to direct you towards the right path. Mr. Khan has created excellence among his students and his new launch aims to do the same! 

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