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Ibrahim Hamdan: Social Media at Hacking Risk

Ibrahim Hamdan is one most notable figures in Jordan as an expert and specialist in social media and a specialist in the field of cyber security, said that he is working to help people secure their accounts and websites from any cyber attack, especially celebrities and the most public figures.

Vulnerable to this in Jordan and the Middle East

Hamdan, being a website maker and “ethical hacker,” pointed out that social networking sites can be defined as a technology that facilitates the exchange of ideas and information through communication between virtual communities.

He pointed out that it mainly depends on the presence of the Internet connected to computers, tablets, or phones, and enables users to quickly access content that may be personal information, documents, or videos.

Hamdan, nicknamed in the Internet world as “the pirate Batman”, which symbolizes intuition and defending the good, explained that a large group of security vulnerabilities were recently discovered in many Arab and international websites and communicated with the technical officials of those sites in order to fill these gaps and publish them in A special blog to be shown to those interested in order to educate them so that they can avoid it.

And he indicated that he had hacked many accounts of professional football and cricket players in the Indian national team and Arab and foreign social influencers on the “Instagram and Facebook” platforms, whose accounts were vulnerable to hacking, with the aim of alerting them and clarifying the security flaw that was discovered in their accounts.

He said that digital assets are valuable assets that must be protected and preserved, and the privacy of information is the right of every Internet user.

Hamdan added that he seeks, with his experience, to spread electronic awareness to users of social media platforms and the Internet regarding (security and privacy) of the user by guiding them to the best way to ensure safe browsing of the Internet away from the exploitation of their data by companies or individuals practicing illegal activities on the virtual world.

With regard to how he acquired his talent in this field, he showed that this came through learning many diverse programming languages ​​such as “Python” and obtaining professional certificates for professionals in the information field. In addition to practicing and simulating software scenarios and continuous work under pressure made him an experienced person in his work, and he also has a high skill in social engineering and understanding people’s ideas that help him achieve his desired goals in an excellent manner.

Hamdan defined the term (ethical hacker) as the combination of two qualities, namely piracy and ethics, and said, “We mean that the hacking operations that are carried out by the hacker are for ethical purposes, and the electronic hacker seeks to alert and warn the person or group exposed to this process to increase knowledge and build a secure information environment, and this is what Performed by Ibrahim Hamdan.

He continued, “With the continuous development of technology and the increase in the number of young users, the number of cases of hacking and electronic fraud increases through (phishing) or malicious programs and other methods that hackers use in order to gain access to unauthorized information, or the money of others.”

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