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It is not just “Make in India” but “Pack in India” too makes a huge difference: Piyush Goyal, Union Minister

The Global Ambassador of World Packaging Organization,  AVPS Chakravarthi bats for industry status to the Packaging industry and he represented the same to Mr. Piyush Goyal.

Hyderabad, April 22, 2022: “From Oranges of Nagpur to Leather of Kanpur, Packaging is significant in every Indian Exports”, said Mr Piyush Goyal, Minister of Commerce of Government of India

Interacting with industry delegates of various industries, including Mr. Chakravarthi AVPS, Global Ambassador of World Packaging Organization from Hyderabad on the sidelines of the Indian Drug Manufacturers’ Association (IDMA), in Mumbai, recently, the minister said the footprint of packaging is visible in every industry without which the product cannot sustain and get sold. And the packaging industry continues to demonstrate robust growth despite the pandemic he added. The innovations in the packaging industry are the defining feature for make in India by getting all products packed India are recognized worldwide to reveal their testimony and quality. It is not only Make in India but Pack in India as well he said.

Mr. Chakravarthi AVPS, a noted packaging professional from Hyderabad and former Chairman of Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP) Hyderabad, was in an interaction with the minister, congratulated the minister on achieving the record 418 billion US $ worth exports this fiscal. Mr. Chakravarthi AVPS praised the Minister for his efforts in making robust international trade.

Incidentally Mr Goyal has just concluded trade agreements CEPA and ECTA with UAE and Australia respectively and he is on a big mission now to get many other countries sign FTAs with India.

Mr. Chakravarthi also conveyed the World Packaging Organisation’s appreciation to the honourable minister for recognising the significance of the packaging sector and its contribution to Economic growth. In a press note issued in Hyderabad and Mumbai today, Mr. Chakravarthi said  in general packaging has two purposes — one is to protect a product and the second is to encourage customers to buy the product.

In simple terms Packaging sells what it protects; protects what it sells. From concept to shelf (or to delivery to your home), no one can deny the multifaceted role of packaging throughout the supply chain gamut, he added.

Imagine the absence of packaging during this ongoing pandemic, Mr. Chakravarthi said,  when there is pressing demand for products like hand sanitizers & washes, surface cleaners, medicines, food/beverage and scores of other daily use supplies.

The norms of social distancing have resulted in more consumers shifting online for their needs, That include buying fresh produce online.   Many of those would not have needed a minimum packaging if they were bought in a store.

The future Packaging Chakrvarthi adds is multidimensional, not that it was never the case before. As an integral part of the customer experience, packaging will require to live upto the expectations of product performance, visible tamper evident features, vocal on sustainability attributes and an enabler towards distribution of fresh & preserved products.

Also the future of pharma packaging will be driven by two major factors the first one being “User Centricity” and the other being “Sustainability at large”. Every packaging development revolves around patient needs because it is the influencing factor to shape the market.

Chakravarthi says there is no culture on earth that can do without packaging and he is pained that it is viewed by many as a problem and an unavoidable burden.  He feels the world cannot do without packaging, but we must learn to make packaging more effective than ever before and we must educate people everywhere to respect the purpose of packaging.

He feels, packaging should be considered as an industry segment like any other major segments like steel, cement, chemicals, pharmacy, textiles and so on and every measure be taken for the upliftment of the industry and thereby contribute to the development of international trade.

Packaging has a tremendous role to play in the local market.  The much sought after Tirupati Laddu could  be more durable, with its shelf life extended with the help of packaging. A futuristic packaging may help add more shelf life to well known Telugu delicacies such as Hyderabadi Biryani, Hyderabad special sweets, Haleem. Even coconut water can be made available fresh with increased shelf life.  Many packaging models available can be used for packing the mid-day meals in order to make it safe for consumption. Packaging gives endless options.  

Packaging is turning to be more eco-friendly, using Nano technology to clamp down on counterfeiting etc and more, Mr. Chakravarthy shared.

The World Packaging Organization is a non-profit, non-governmental, international federation of national packaging institutes and associations, comprising around 64 countries.

It encourages the development of packaging technology, science, access and engineering;.  It contributes to the development of international trade; and stimulates education and training in packaging. by various means.

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