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Leading Real Estate Entrepreneur of Noida: Sachin Arora

You mightn’t call yourself a Noida local if you don’t know how immense the Jewar, Filmcity here is and you mightn’t call yourself a Noida realtor either if you don’t know who Sachin Arora is. Connecting the strings together, a very polite, dedicated and a leading real estate entrepreneur of Noida, who not only owns the heart of his employees but enlightened the lives of thousands. Sachin Arora is setting an example for all those aspiring realtors who are eagerly waiting to work in the industry of real estate.

Coming to his professional life, By profession, Sachin is a Director and part of the core management team in Investors Clinic, World’s No.1 Real estate company. After pursuing his MBA and CA- ‘Intermediate’, he stepped into the field of real estate and set up milestones for the upcoming generation. 

This millennial guy isn’t limited to this only. Through his social media, he is now inspiring thousands of fitness freaks through his workout videos and contents.

At a tender age, he covered all the aspects that are required to be a successful businessman. He started from a real estate executive and is now touching the heights of the business.

Talking about his past life, he belongs to the Panipat city, came here with dreams in his eyes to achieve something bigger. With the guidance of Honey Katiyal (the Founder of Investors Clinic), Sachin Arora built an empire for himself and his family of 200+ members. These 200+ members belong to different parts of the country but are bound together with one single name who not only gave them bread to earn but helped in building the same empire for themselves. These SA2.0 members started from the ground but now own luxuries like Mercedes, BMW, Range Rover, Audi.  

Not only this, he has a warm heart, welcoming and cheering personality too. He fills up the person standing next to him with enthusiasm and energy, whenever greets.  

Sachin Arora exclusively takes care of every female employee of his team. A very known fact about his team and him is, he makes sure that everyone in the team are likewise brother and sister so there won’t be any violating factor neither in the team nor even outside too so that whenever, wherever, any of these girls is in need, she always finds his brothers standby him.

As a person, Sachin is empathetic enough to take care of little hungry souls and feed them happiness every Saturday as a Saturday ritual that never got skipped till date. Once Honey Katiyal, in an event said that Sachin Arora thinks of others before himself and people like him have a divine positive energy within themselves. 

A personality like Sachin Arora is an example of a humble, highly visioned and keen personality who always has an appetite to inspire people from different parts of the region.

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