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Now there is a very less tolerance to any bugs in software: Murali Bollu, CEO of ZenQ

ZenQ is in the forefront of providing next-gen testing services in areas like IoT, Drone, Blockchain and Analytics: Murali Bollu

Hyderabad, December 6, 2021: Now there is a very less tolerance to any bugs in software, as software has become mission critical in our lives. The industry is looking for Zero Bug Tolerance. So there is a need to improve software quality said Mr Murali Bollu, CEO of ZenQ while addressing at the closing ceremony of ZenQuest, the two day global, virtual Hackathon on Testing.

Hackathons like ZenQuest help Software testers to hone their skills to suit and meet  the growing demand for quality testers, Murali Bollu added.

Software testers contribute to build robust software which can  lost long. We at ZenQ give a lot of value to the highest testing standards of any softwares. We plan to organise more such hackathons in future.  ZenQ is at the forefront of providing next-gen testing services for areas like IoT, Drone, Blockchain and analytics, informed Mr. Murali Bollu.

At the end of the 36 hours of Hackathon winners were announced on Sunday late night.

The winners in Firecamp  App include: Rahul Parwal, Apoorva Ram, Krishna Kamakshi Brahma, Sai Dinesh, Madhu Kiran KM and Bhuvan Teja. The winners of MoneyHop App are Saket Agarwal, Navia Garg, VardhhanBala and Ajay Balamurugadas. The winners of Unifarm App are Venkata Rajesh Varanasi, Harika Gudla, VardhhanBala and Anindita Rath.

All the winners put together were given away a collective prize money of Rs 3 Lakhs. Besides this, ten additional awards too were presented.

ZenQuest, the global virtual testing hackathon received an overwhelming response. It received 300+ registrations, from 175+ companies and 13 countries, which include India, USA, UK, Canada, Pakistan, Malaysia, Philippines, Netherlands, Ukraine, New Zealand, Hong Kong, SAR China, UAE, Thailand and others.

It was organised jointly by Hyderabad based ZenQ in collaboration with ‘The Test Tribe’, India’s largest testing community.

The participants were given challenges (Apps to be tested) during the 36-hour. The challenges include testing three applications – FireCamp, MoneyHOP and Unifarm. The owners of these three apps gave a demo of their product. All the three product owners were also available for consultation for 36 hours. The participants had to look into those apps and find out the bugs and report at the end of 36 hours. The first best three testers/groups in each of these three applications were given away a cash prize of Rs 40,000, 28,000 and 18,000 respectively besides goodie bags from ZenQ.

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