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ZenQuest draws an overwhelming response from Testers from across the globe

  • The global virtual testing hackathon begins today, receives 300 registrations, participation from 175 companies, 13 countries including one from Pakistan
  • ZenQ and The Test Tribe, India’s largest testing community join hands to organize the ZenQuest

Hyderabad, December 04, 2021: The two-day ZenQuest, a  kicks off today. It will conclude on Sunday evening. It draws an overwhelming response. It received 300+ registrations, from 175+ companies and 13 countries, which include India, USA, UK, Canada, Pakistan, Malaysia, Philippines, Netherlands, Ukraine, New Zealand, Hong Kong, SAR China, UAE, Thailand and others.  

It is being organized today and tomorrow by Hyderabad based ZenQ in collaboration with ‘The Test Tribe’, India’s largest testing community.

The participants were given challenges (Apps to be tested) during the 36-hour window that span across different time zones. These challenges include testing three applications – FireCamp, MoneyHOP and Unifarm. The owners of these three apps gave a demo of their product. All the three product owners will also be available for the next 36 hours to clarify doubts if any of the participants have. The participants have to look into those apps and find out the bugs and report before 5 pm on Sunday. The first best three testers/groups in each of these three applications will be given a cash prize of Rs40,000, 28,000 and 18,000 respectively besides goodie bags from ZenQ.

The objective according to Mr Hemchand Srigiriraju, Associate Vice President of ZenQ is to engage with the testing community and promote collective learning.

Explaining about ZenQ, the joint host, he said, it is an 18 years old trusted independent testing company that delivered 3000 projects delivered across the US, UK, Canada and Australia, India and ASEAN. Ravi Kuchampudi, AVP and Head-HR of ZenQ highlighted many employee engagement initiatives they embarked on including monthly welfare screening of Work From Home employees and their families. We cultivate an environment of continuous learning, experimentation and development he added. 

Ashutosh Garg, Growth Head of The Test Tribe India said we as a community came into existence to give Testing craft the glory it deserves.  Since its inception in 2018 we have been working tirelessly towards our vision to create an all-inclusive vibrant global community of Smarter, Prouder, and Confident Testers, he said and added that .today, we are proudly India’s Largest Software Testing Community with an ever-growing global footprint. We have 130+ online and offline Software Testing Events to our credit. We have seen 8000+ attendees from over 100 Countries attending these events.

Individuals or a group of two are allowed to participate in the hackathon. It is a rare chance to compete with hundreds of other Testers from across the World. It also provides an opportunity to network with other community Testers, discuss how they test and learn from them.

The winners will walk away with collective prize money of Rs 3 Lakhs. Besides this, there are ten additional awards to be won too. The winners will be declared tomorrow night at the end of the hackathon.

Balaji Ponnada, Krishnendu Bhattacharya, Mahesh Chikane, Azhar Shamy from both organizers side have also participated.

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