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Lexicon Institute of Media & Advertising collaborates with Frameboxx 2.0

Pune (Maharashtra) [India]: The Lexicon Group of Institutes has recently launched the Lexicon Institute of Media & Advertising to cater to aspirants looking for a career in mass media. The Institute offers a 3 Year Undergraduate Program spread over 6 capsules with 2 capsules each year. Along with theoretical knowledge, the program will have the students complete 3 months of internship. The institute will focus on providing quality education to students, helping them to develop the necessary skills to succeed in the media and advertising industry. 

The Lexicon Institute of Media & Advertising has collaborated with Frameboxx 2.0 as their Academic Partner for the 3-year program. Frameboxx 2.0 is a premier academy for media and creative arts, established in 2008. It is a versatile conglomerate that focuses on providing training in computer graphics, animation, gaming VFX (visual effects), web design and development and other related programs.  

“The diversified disciplinary backgrounds of Frameboxx and Lexicon will bring in a large gamut of skills and perspectives to carve the better future of students. The said value add will help students for their personal and professional development. Such broader expertise of both the brands will leave a great positive impact on students. We are very excited with this academic collaboration which will open new ways for students in terms of learning new skills, building networks, and getting feedback on one’s work,” says Ravi Gupta, CEO & Director, Frameboxx. 

The Indian animation and visual effects industry have witnessed exponential growth over the past decade fuelling the need for trained industry-ready manpower. The objective of the 3 Year Undergraduate Program in Media Studies, Animation & Graphics course is to prepare students for a professional career in animation, game design, graphic designing, web design and other related visual communication fields. The curriculum offers a mix of theory and applied-learning modules that embrace industry-standard concepts and techniques. The faculty comprises current industry experts and veterans who come with proven competence. The program is designed to develop the student’s aesthetic and critical proficiencies. Students will also have ample scope to put their learnings into practice through project work and the institute’s internship programs. Students will also work for 2 months on creating a portfolio that can be showcased to prospective employers.

“The Lexicon Group has established a reputation for providing top quality education for every segment from KG to PG. We believe higher education institutes have an implicit purpose of making students ‘future ready’. The upcoming Lexicon Institute of Media & Advertising is designed to help undergraduate students get employed and even bring in their own innovative product in the existing media, animation and graphics market. Our academic partnership with Frameboxx 2.0 is especially exciting because of our shared vision and approach towards education. The symbiotic relationship will bring immense benefits to students admitted to our 3-year course,” says Dipta Joshi, Principal, Lexicon Institute of Media & Advertising.  

The Academic partnership with Frameboxx 2.0 will help the students gain valuable experience and skills that they can use in their future studies and careers.

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