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Northern Railways allows Audio Advertisements in SHATABDI & Vande Bharat and OOKA RADIO wins the Contract

In an attempt to shore up its non-tariff revenue through advertising and make up for a complete entertaining journey of its passenger, Indian Northern Railways has given rights for Audio Advertisements to Ooka Radio for its 13 journey destinations in Shatabdi & Vande Bharat with an aim to make its customer earn a good revenue. This is first time when Indian Northern Railways has initiated the innovative idea of online Audio advertisement which will give more millage through automated program installed in train. The concept allows many features to give facility tothe travelers like welcome greetings& brief of Journey, Station Announcements, Traffic update of stations & weather update of journey & station, all plays automatically before stations and no manual interference is there.

This is One of its kind & very different indoor platform having a big potential in brand building & scaling up the sales as been stated by CFO VegEase Arpit Katta.

This contract will entertain the audience inside the trains along with brands advertisements. Indeed, this will be a great opportunity for the brands to reach out to its customers as they can advertise inside the trains with audio advertisement along with the music. The tariffs of advertisement are affordable i.e. at a very low price one can get maximum mileage. It can be said that almost in  4 to 7 hours journey any brand can advertising in Shatabdi and Vande Bharat trains and will be reaching to its million customers with very nominal prices starting from Rs.7000/- per advertisement for a week only. Shatabdi & Vande Bharat trains takes its journey to almost 179 stations every day which is almost covering one fourth part of India. The best part is now the smaller brands from small cities can also advertise in trains and can earn good mileage and do branding in a bigger way.

This is easy for brands to give a recognition to the product /offers /information at such low cost in trains to its captive audiences. In coming times Ooka Radio will be launching new artist in music /story teller soon. This is provide opportunity to those who have been denied on other platforms.

As per Harpreet Singh CEO Stelatoes Shoes, the train advertisement is a push advertisement because of captive audience & it creates a recall value of the brand also.

It’s going to be a great deal for travelers and advertisers to be on the online platform with a countless mileage, both will be in a high position of great satisfaction and this will also be a counted as one of a big success for railways.

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