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Russian Universities offer good opportunities for Indian students pursuing MBBS

Pune (Maharashtra) [India]: Any student who wishes to pursue MBBS and is looking for a university that offers medical education of high-quality standards, then Russia may just be the right place to consider.

So how does one go about it? Well in the first place, a good educational consultant could provide the best answers. Speaking to Dr. Amit Kamle, Founder & Director of A.K. Educational Consultants, it was clear that many Indian students who have pursued MBBS in Russia have returned home to become highly successful doctors and serving in the Indian healthcare.

In fact, his consultancy offers students a 360-degree hassle-free admission process by counselling and helping to find the right and student-friendly university, with documentation, assistance for FMGE and NEXT preparations and travel assistance. They also help Indian students in Russia with on-ground services.

A.K. Educational Consultants has been sending Indian students to the Best Universities in Russia including the Kazan State Medical University, Privolzksiy Research Medical University, Volgograd State Medical University, and Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University for the past 20 years.

The advantages of pursuing MBBS in Russia are that the admission process is quite simple. Students don’t have to pay any donation or capitation fee and no entrance examination is required. The academic requirement for the eligibility certificate as defined by the National Medical Commission for the general category is an aggregate of 50% marks in Physics / Chemistry and Biology. The student should qualify for National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET). The Federal Universities there conduct an aptitude test before enrolling Indian students. And there is a wide range of possibilities and board exposure to clinical practice due to the highly equipped multi-profile hospitals in metropolitan cities of Russia. Some major cities of Russia are Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod and Kaliningrad. That’s not all – the living expenses for students are also affordable. This has made Russia an economical educational destination. In fact, some universities even accept the fees in installments per year.

More importantly, Indo-Russian relations have been sound and strong and have witnessed many decades of cordial and cooperative relationships. It is already well known that Russian citizens view Indianstudentsrespectfully, and identifies as “Hindi Russi Bhai Bhai“. The advantage of this is that Indian students are well accepted and their safety and well-being is well taken care of by the Russian authorities. This generally, is a great relief for parents of students pursuing education in the country.

There are State Universities and Federal Universities in Russia. Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University in Kaliningrad is the most preferred choice by Indian students. Federal Universities conduct aptitude tests, screen the students, teach in English. Their facilities include 3D techniques of teaching, anatomy theatres and diagnostic centers, and the state of art faculty and facilities.

But there are precautions to be taken before admission is sought. “Students must also ensure that the University they choose should be WHO, NMC listed and the course should be in English, not bilingual. Further, a student should choose a medical University in a metro city, rather than small villages or towns as Russia is a less populated country and the majority population stays in cities. So, hospitals and clinics would have good infrastructure there owing to the population, rather than small towns and villages where the students can face challenges during clinical rotations.” explains Dr. Kamle. 

Other relevant points to be considered before seeking admissions are to ensure that the University provides comfortable hostels for the period of studies. Renting apartments, flats, and staying as paying guests is not advisable, as it is expensive and has security and safety concerns. Private hostels rented by agents are also not advisable. Do not fall prey to the Indian food mess as when students plan to study abroad, they should plan to cook their own food. Many agents cash on this factor and misguide students.“Usually, the first-year students prefer these additional cost food services due to initial adaptation in the country, but later it becomes difficult to continue.” Says a parent, Mrs.Jyoti Pawar.

Many times students and parents fall prey to cheap cost offers and certain package deals and take admission in sub standard and low infrastructure universities and regret later. Then, of course, the basic precaution of making payment through official banking channels only and not to the agent is an absolute must. Therefore, the selection of a trustworthy and reliable consultant who has knowledge about the country, preferably a consultant who’s a doctor and understands Russia’s education structure, culture and who speaks the Russian language is of utmost importance. Checking the consultant authorizations is also the most important criteria before pursuing overseas education.

Incidentally, “A.K.Educational Consultants has been helping medical education aspirants and their parents for over two decades, and has an alumnus of hundreds of doctors working in prestigious hospitals and clinics across India and abroad as well”, reveals Dr. Amit Kamle, who has himself completed his Doctor of Medicine from Volgograd State Medical University, Russia.

Adds Dr.  Kamle, “Quality education, enhancing practical skills and preparing our students for qualifying, screening exams and then post-graduation is our topmost priority at the moment.” And that seemingly is being ensured by A.K. Educational Consultants.

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