Social entrepreneur and philanthropist Saayan Kunal is emerald for the society

Isn’t the world a lovely place when people support you in achieving your goals, life shows all kinds of highs and lows to everyone, giving all its battles to us, but to ease such paces in life, some angel-like people come to our rescue and redeem us from our troubles. One such hope of ray is Saayan Kunal, the Director of Gyan Niketan School, Patna; a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, who is also the founder of ‘Patliputra Rashtriya Yuva Sansad’ (PRYS) which is one of the grand events hosted in the state of Bihar, is a Social worker and a very distinguished personality of India.

The philanthropist Mr. Kunal pursued his academic graduation from Amity University, Noida, and was granted his degrees in LL.B (H) summa sum laude, BBA in 2019. He has been welcomed in the Rashtriya Bhawan because of his intellectual and constructive ideas on various occasions, as of now, he is planning to pursue an LL.M course from abroad. Kunal has always been courteous to other people’s needs. He is a charitable lad who never missed a chance to help an impoverished person. Not only this, but he has also initiated a digitally processed school in Patna where he announced a fully digitalized study platform that could help the students in advancing with their studies amid pandemics.

The leading social activist also has an intriguing weakness for Poetry, Philosophy, Religion, Cinema, Culture, Society, Behavioural Science, International Affairs, and the History of warriors. He even improvised some education sectors with his contributions, announced free education for the nation’s martyrs’ children, and some innovations in providing washrooms to several underprivileged homes. From helping people amid Covid, handing out rations and food supplies to several surviving families, to appearing as a special guest of honour at several events, he claims to be a faithful social servant.

The Director of Gyan Niketan also asserted his interest in the matter by saying, “Taking inspiration from many great people from the century, I always try my best to support anyone in need at my best convenience. I understand the struggles that people go through because no matter what, everybody has to survive the harsh realities of life, I try my best to give away what I have gratefully received.” “I have always aspired to provide my nation and its people with the best services and sources, after doing great in business, my next motive is to develop and advance the Indian society and that’s why I and my team always try to get ahead of these things” the rising entrepreneur stated.

Mr. Saayan Kunal has achieved many milestones across his career and is still shooting for the stars. People want to become like him, contemplating his blessed lifestyle, and his inspiring journey, Kunal is one of the most warm-hearted people. Many get mesmerized meeting such an established icon, he is intimidating, confident, and kind, plus he is thriving in his business that smells like success. Dare to dream isn’t just a verse, if taken gravely it can change a person’s life. We celebrate every soul who has embraced humanity by helping our civilization for the supreme good.

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