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Why creating on LinkedIn can be your best career move in 2023!

Pooja Dhole, LinkedIn Luminary, Shares 10 Steps to Elevate Your LinkedIn Game and Seize Unprecedented Career Opportunities

In the ever-evolving landscape of professional networking, LinkedIn stands as a transformative platform poised to redefine your career trajectory. Meet Pooja Dhole, the luminary in digital marketing and the creator economy, who is here to illuminate your path to success on the world’s largest professional network.

Pooja is an expert in B2B marketing, and she’s helped SaaS founders increase their revenue tenfold by creating carefully planned content on LinkedIn. Her journey began in 2022, and within a mere two months, she earned a spot among India’s top 200 creators, courtesy of the LinkedIn Creator Accelerator Program. Subsequently, she rapidly expanded her LinkedIn presence from 600 to an astounding 8000+ followers in just six months.

Over the past three years, Pooja has collaborated with budding entrepreneurs, enabling them to build systems that consistently generate 10-30 high-quality leads each month. She’s been pivotal in catapulting SaaS founders towards achieving $50K ARR by garnering 20k impressions within a week. Pooja has also masterminded social media funnel strategies, delivering a whopping 30 leads in a mere ten days for business owners and consistent $10K launches for early-stage founders.

Now, let’s dive into the business at hand! – Why LinkedIn in 2023?

Here’s the scoop: approximately 52 million people search LinkedIn for job opportunities weekly, with approximately eight people being hired through LinkedIn every minute. For B2B businesses, LinkedIn is a staggering 277% more effective for lead generation than Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, with a higher concentration of decision-makers on the platform, marketers have reported up to 2x higher conversion rates. However, on LinkedIn, it’s not just about quantity; it’s about the quality and consistency of your presence.

Elevate Your LinkedIn Game with These Ten Steps:

Revamp Your Profile Picture: Your profile picture should feature a clean and easily recognizable solid background. Remember, a clean profile picture is “non-negotiable.”

Craft an Engaging Headline: Use a template that communicates what you do effectively. For example, “What you do | Personal Achievement | How you can help clients | personal achievement.”

Update Your Banner: Don’t overlook your banner; it’s crucial. Get creative, and include who you serve, your area of expertise, the results you deliver, and a compelling Call To Action.

About Section: Share your story, focusing on achievements and contributions over the past two years. Highlight how your skills have helped clients, add social proof, and list your top skills.

Add Testimonials: Gather testimonials from colleagues, clients, or former managers to boost your credibility.

Job Description: Detail your current role and how you’re making an impact. Keep it concise and technically detailed to stand out.

Turn on Creator Mode: Enable creator mode and start sharing your voice on LinkedIn. Plan your content strategy based on your target audience and content pillars.

Engage: Build a community by engaging with like-minded individuals on the platform. You never know who might open the door to your next opportunity.

Collaborate: Connect and collaborate with fellow creators; success is often a team effort.

Get Experimental: Keep experimenting with content, posting times, and engagement strategies.

Above all, remember to enjoy the process. Learning to navigate LinkedIn is like learning to ride a bicycle – it may seem daunting at first, but once you find your balance, you’ll savor the ride!

Was this article helpful? Connect with Pooja Dhole on LinkedIn, where she discusses B2B SaaS, marketing, and content: Pooja Dhole’s LinkedIn profile.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to make LinkedIn your best career move in 2023! 

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