ZEPCOIN- The first utility-based coin releases ICO Phase 2

What is ZepCoin

ZepCoin is a newly launched cryptocurrency. ZepCoin is a penny cryptocurrency that calls for a greater opportunity in a small investment. With the underpinning of the BEP 20 mechanism, ZepCoin has secured the quickest transacting cryptocurrency position globally. The most advanced blockchain technology makes it further advanced and safe. The highly secure platform and verified validators prevent the network from tampering and security compromises. 

The ZepCoin ICO is an opportunity for crypto enthusiasts to give an edge to their future by investing in a growing cryptocurrency today. ZepCoin is one of those cryptocurrencies with a high potential that is expected to shoot as the most valuable cryptocurrency in the world. ZepCoins’ use-case is varied.

The ZepCoin holders have premium access to the future world of virtual reality. A web 3.0 universe built on the imagination. Zepians can do virtual shopping or access endless entertainment in Zepverse, a metaverse-based virtual reality platform.

Why invest in ZEPX ICO Phase 2?

ZepCoin’s phase 1 was a blockbuster, and for the ones who missed it, ZepCoin ICO Phase 2 is globally launching on 22nd November. This can be the last chance to get the ZepCoin at the lowest price, as experts have predicted a mooning in its value in the nearest future.

ZepCoins (ZEPX) has already shown a growth of 500%, reaching the value of 0.0005 USD in ICO Phase-2, from 0.0001 USD in ICO Phase-1.

But one must be wondering, “what is special in ICO phase 2?” Let’s explore what surprises ZEPX ICO Phase 2 has for you.

Real use case in Zepverse

The biggest surprise ZepCoin has for its investors is Zepverse, a metaverse-based virtual platform. ZEPX is an authorized currency of Zepverse. With ZepCoins, you can do a plethora of things in Zepverse, such as enjoying immersive 3D movies or live concert experiences, creating your desired AI-enabled pet, doing virtual shopping with real home delivery service and much more. Zepverse adds a real-life use case to ZepCoin. You can use your VDA for daily shopping or luxury shopping.

Giveaway worth $1.25 million

The ZepCoin is available at a very pocket-friendly price, i.e., you can buy one ZepCoin for just 0.0005 USD. That means you can buy 2K ZepCoins for just $1. ZEPX has a total supply of 325 billion coins. 12.5 billion coins worth 6.25 million USD are available for a free giveaway. In Phase 1 of ZEPX ICO, over 70 % of coins were sold, which means the ZepCoin community currently consists of more than 1000 ZEPX holders.

Airdrop 12.5 billion ZEPX 

The users can also get free ZepCoins by registering for ZepCoin Airdrop. Let’s see how you can claim ZepCoin airdrop in five easy steps:

  • On the official website the users need to register with the details asked for the airdrop.
  • The users then need to participate in a small refer and earn activity, where the they need to follow ZepCoin’s social media accounts.
  • Follow @zepcoinofficial on Twitter.
  • Follow zepcoin on Instagram.
  • Follow zepcoin on Facebook.
  • Join Zepians communities on Twitter.
  • Join Zepians communities on Telegram.
  • Now, claim the ZepCoin airdrop of $12.5 Billion ZEPX coins.

Earn 5% on referral

Moreover, the ZepCoin community is a growing community, and along with the community, you can grow your profit. Your referrals to friends and family can get you a 5% instant zepx on the investment made by them. That means you can earn a passive income from ZepCoin investment.

The ZEPX ICO phase 2 window is open for only 20 days i.e till December 11, 2022.

This is the most appropriate time to invest in a potential cryptocurrency and expand your portfolio. The experts have visioned 4-5 times growth in its value in the nearest future. You can buy or register for ICO on more than 12 decentralised platforms. Namely, Coindiscovery, Gemfinder, Coinxhigh, Top100token, CoinHunter and more.

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