The utility cryptocurrency BitcoinCash gains popularity in many countries, Caribbean as well as INDIA

India – with the new govt regulations on cryptocurrency announcing 30 % capital Gain and 1 % TDS on all transactions most crypto exchanges have moved out of India and some of them have relocated to the crypto-friendly Dubai.

But one utility cryptocurrency BitcoinCash (BCH) is gaining popularity in India because of its real P2P features and instant /no fees transaction. Some even say that BitcoinCash is the real Bitcoin because the original white paper of Satoshi Nakamoto wanted bitcoin to be used as a daily necessity cycle currency.

To pay 1%tds compared to minimum 2 % bank charges makes it worth the take.

Because the USD is accepted everywhere the start keeping it as savings. Same with BCH. Once it’s accepted by most business the store of value will get stronger; more and more persons will use it. The coin is limited to 21 M that means the value will be at a rise once 21 million coins are issued.

What makes BitcoinCash different from bitcoin?

BitcoinCash is the real bitcoin, it is doing what bitcoin was made for. It’s made for everyone. Decentralized. It’s your money so you control it. Shop or Send, Receive anytime anywhere at no charges.

More than 1000 websites around the globe accept bch. In India More than 100 businesses recently have adopted to accepting BitcoinCash as a mode of payment towards goods and services.

There are institutions like school, financial and even hospital accept it now. In Mumbaia few restaurants, night clubs and bars accept it as well, a sports shop in Dadar. DJ, and event planners of all budgets. Travel agents also accept to book your hotel rooms and airfare or train fare intl or domestic. Rental cars etc.

Sunny Gehani had recently organized a meet-up for business owners where they guided them on how to start accepting crypto/BitcoinCash at their business in under 5 minutes.

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Sunny will personally guide you on the step by steps on how to become a BitcoinCash merchant and increase your business by listing your business on the map and other platforms.

BitcoinCash is also being considered to be adopted as a legal tender in a few countries. St Maarten had their first debate in BitcoinCash as a legal tender just a week ago. And the leader of party and MP Rolando Brison also receives his salary from Govt in BitcoinCash that titles him the First MP ever to get paid with bch.

In the island Of St Kitts once can literally leave his cash wallet and credit card home and just survive with BitcoinCash because of its wide acceptance

What do you think about BitcoinCash?

Can you help in spreading the awareness of BitcoinCash to the world?

Download the Wallet and see how easy it is to shop send receive money.

And download Bitcoin cash register app to link to your wallet for your business.

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