IMDDXB, the influencer marketing agency teams up with Versace

A collaboration can boost success or result in downfalls for your business. Speaking of which, IMDDXB is the influencer marketing agency that is emerging as a leading platform for brands to strengthen their social media presence.

While this company has worked with a wide range of brands, they have a few partners too, one of them being the mighty Versace. IMDDXB has worked with Palazzo Versace Dubai. Working with this global brand has played a major part in benefiting IMDDXB. Well, Palazzo Versace was amongst the early brands that this influencer marketing agency partnered with.

Talking about this collaboration, the founder of IMDDXB, Rahul Kaul, says, “As a trend-setting company, we always strive to keep pace with the latest trends and innovations and partnering with Palazzo Versace was one of the best experiences and opportunities for IMDDXB. We got a chance to contribute to the marketing strategies of the brand. While initially collaborating with them we hoped to reach out to a wider audience and showcase Brand Palazzo Versace in a new light. Moreover, we also wanted to show the world exactly what IMDDXB is capable of.”

Besides Versace, IMDDXB also partners with other leading Dubai-based brands like Barasti, Tilda, Pizzetta, Shisha Puff, Inka, and Cosmo Yachts. The agency is a channel between influencers and brands. IMDDXB has a community of influencers that come from a global level and different niches – from food to fashion and everything in between.

To date, they have worked with various brands like DANUBE, LaMezcaleria, Vii Dubai, Boudoir, The White Room, Staycation, Al Jazira Farm, Better Eggs, AAMC, 10AK, BOB’s, Hala Lashes, Hi5, LaveqLash, and more. We hope that IMDDXB keeps partnering with such big brands and bolsters its client base.

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