Case Study: Tanishq’s campaign for the brand positioning of the new collection “Mia by Tanishq”, the high-end accessory line


The case study follows the ‘Mia by Tanishq’ campaign, entailing an influencers outreach program on Instagram that engaged eight virtuous Social Media influencers explaining how the brand with premium offering leveraged the platform. It enlightens about the different cities’ campaigns, the strategies, and the outcome of the campaign done by Howl India for the brand.

In 2022, Tanishq launched a six cities shoot for its new collection on Instagram to showcase and promote the products by ‘Mia by Tanishq’. The campaign sparks up the festive seasons’ shopping, intended to establish the collection incorporating simplicity yet elegant and stylish. The target audience was the office-going ladies who wanted something simple and elegant to wear for work and married men who wanted to surprise their wives with something special.

Brand Introduction

Tanishq is one of the best and finest names in the Jewellery industry which is famous for its exquisite and graceful designs and craftsmanship. Its accessories are the preference of almost every Indian woman, be it bride, unmarried or married women. It is a division of the Titan Company and was launched around the end of the 1980’s and founded in 1994. Tanishq is the first ever jewellery retail brand in India. It follows the legacy of providing remarkable everyday fashions to ladies of taste all across the world.


Intending to offer women simple, elegant, and light jewellery for every occasion, the brand updated classic motifs of women’s love for jewellery for their festive collection. The collection’s accessories were polished tones with crystal pavé adornment, and new crystal hues, interwoven with a variety of metal finishes.

Tanishq’s latest collection, co-launched with Howl India and Instagram influencers like lifestyle bloggers and fashion bloggers, was inspired by the desire to create a universally flattering expression of love. It inspired the listeners to choose the perfect token of appreciation to show their affection. Tanishq was able to reach a wide network of consumers in a more focused way by collaborating with macro-influencers and digital celebrities.


The influencers shoot aimed at creating awareness of the newly launched collection to their target as well as potential customers and quintessentially brand positioning the collection in the market. Keeping in mind the brand value and the company’s goals the marketing strategies were to be executed.


The success of the mission depended on identifying the appropriate influencers and celebs. They needed to have a strong following among the target demographic for the brand, and they had to be creative enough to come up with great content to raise awareness of the products available and the exact message that the company wanted to deliver to the audience.

In this way, the items that were worn made the wearer feel particularly special and allowed them to connect with the audience. The shoot is done in the Mia by Tanishq stores to instil trust in the audiences and give them a wide insight of the collection. Not just the collection but also the feeling of self-love and self-gifting is promoted through the video.

The strategy was not just confined to Instagram influencer marketing. An effective marketing strategy was practised like In-App campaign, Google Ads to generate leads and to allure a wide range of audiences ranging from various platforms. It involved the marketing from the Wavemaker collection to all over the Mia Sutra collection and was promoted additionally by giving festive season offers to the beautiful and charming Indian ladies.


Tanishq’s goal in releasing the ‘Mia by Tanishq’ collection was to spread a message of optimism, enthusiasm and to encourage people to find reasons to celebrate each day. They intended to promote the idea of love, self-love and its inclusion. The designated influencers participated in a shop shoot ideating royalty in simplicity and minimalism yet versatile, contemporary and classy. The shoot was executed in alignment with the campaign’s goal. The shoot symbolised self-love and self-glory that a woman should give herself, be it in the choice of rings, necklace or mangalsutra.

Specified hashtags like #giftsmartgiftmia #miabytanishq #finejewellery #wavecollection #20%offmiabytanshiq were used for all the promotional videos. The store names were highlighted with their video showcasing vendor sophistication and graceful hospitality.

Find out detailed information on Howl India’s website or you can also find the video on the Instagram Handle of Howl India.


After the execution of the various marketing strategies, the campaign was a successful one. The campaign not just increased the brand awareness and positioning in the market but was also able to set high standards resulting in the increase of the brand value.

The targeted reach was successfully achieved, engagement inflated and the lead generations were high.

CEO Message

Ashish Pandey, Founder of Howl India, categorically mentions, “We’re glad that as a marketing and advertising firm we could tap into the brand presence and outreach Tier II/III and metro cities alike!

We are fortunate to work with brands such as Mia by Tanishq which is viewed with the same awe throughout the country!

Amalgamating influencer and Tier II/III cities has been a wise choice and the reach is all to be seen in this festive period.

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