Bringing Homeopathy, Nutrition and Holistic healing together with Dr. Sonal Patel

Dr. Sonal Patel is a general health practitioner based in South Mumbai. She is a Homeopath and B. H. M. S FCAH certified Nutritionist.

An earnest and perseverant student in Sangli, Dr. Patel was drawn towards studying and practising Homeopathy upon being cured of eczema disease when she was in the 12th grade. It was in Mumbai that she got to know that the renowned Dr. Farouk Master’s clinic was located nearby. Soon after receiving valuable training and guidance under him, she opened her own clinic in 2003 which she has been running since 19 years now.

Upon realising the importance of combining various medical disciplines to facilitate one’s overall health and fitness, she joined the BFY Institute Nutritionist course in 2010 as well as the Brahmavidya course on Life and Breath from Pravin Manker on spiritual breathing exercises and meditation. Her approach towards her clients treatment and recovery includes and extends to aiding them in making necessary lifestyle changes. Dr. Patel thus, caters to the root causes in order to establish the complete removal of ailments, diseases and disorders. Warts, corns, eczema, psoriasis, fibroid gall stones, renal calculi rheumatism pcod, acidity, vitiligo, thyroid problems, etc. have all been curable by homeopathy. In order to understand the cause of disease in depth Dr. Patel focuses on analysis of client history which includes physical and mental state. She also administers Bach flower therapy and medicines that are biochemic medicines. She realises the importance of  counselling as she believes a change in life style and diet is what ensures sustainenance of holistic health.

She is the trustee of Nurturing Minds Charity Trust that is involved with women’s reproductive health and awareness. Moreover, in April 2020, at the brink of the Covid pandemic, she volunteered to work at the NSCI Covid Ward. A holistic wellness and health enthusiastic, Dr. Patel ensures her clients receive her counsel and therapy with utmost care and intuition enabled with her skills and knowledge. This has made her a trustworthy professional in whom they can seek personable, instant and reliable expertise.

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