Dietitian Sunny Gupta calls Sugar ‘A Holy Drug’

Our taste buds are designed in such a way that it picks up the taste that we feed them without which sugar or sweetness is one of the most common ones. Sugar may give a temporary enhancement in flavour but when it is seen in the long run this can prove to be harmful to our body.

Sugar is often termed as ‘Addictive Food’ by dietitians and health experts across the globe. It has been named so because of the side effects it has on our health. According to a recent survey that was conducted by World Obesity Federation (WOF) by 2030 every one in five people will be suffering from obesity. It means more than a thousand million people with being obese.

Sugar is one of the most consumed items, especially in India and this has resulted in various health problems that are suffered by them. Nowadays sugar is being consumed at an alarming rate that has increased the worry of health departments and officials worldwide.

Sugar intake in huge amounts is so harmful and it has been scientifically proven multiple times. Science says excessive use and consumption of sugar makes your organs fat which can lead to health issues like non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. A lot of people, especially youngsters who are facing high sugar problems, are diabetic with insulin resistance. This is the reason why a lot of lads are overweight and are suffering from various health issues.

A Renowned Dietitian Sunny Gupta says, “When you eat excess sugar, the extra insulin in your bloodstream can affect your arteries all over your body.” He further goes on to add, “It causes their walls to get inflamed, grow thicker than normal and stiffer.” Dietitian Sunny Gupta has expertise in this field he is a Detox Specialist who is helping people achieve their fitness and health goals.

When Dt Sunny was asked what could happen if one is heavily consuming sugar, he says, “This can lead to heart diseases like heart failure, heart attack, strokes and various others.”

Usually, after a meal people are habitual to take a sweet dish, dessert or sugar which can lead to similar dire consequences. Even though some various companies and brands claim to be sugar-free or zero calories sugar are fake and misleading. That is just to attract and lure the consumer. Sunny Gupta shared a piece of in-depth information with us that included the types of sugar, usually, four types of sugar are;

  • Glucose (Pure Sugar)
  • Fructose (Fruit Sugar)
  • Sucrose (Table Sugar)
  • Lactose (Dairy Sugar)

He says, “56 is the most common name for sugar that is usually used by marketing companies.” But a layman cannot understand what 56 variants of something of that sort is there. Normal people cannot comprehend the difference and it is very late till the time they realise that they were into the trap to gain more weight to addict them with sugar so that the consumer more sugar and profits multiply.

Dietitian Sunny Gupta holds over six years of experience in this field and has dealt with over a thousand patients from India and abroad one thing that is common and he observes is, “There are a lot of youngsters in the age group of 25-35 and quite a few teenagers of age group 12-20 are facing diabetic problems and insulin resistance problems too.” A shocking yet true realisation. This is irrespective of any gender. To support this, he says, “A lot of women today are suffering from PCOD/ PCOS just because of their messed up lifestyle and habits that include overeating, eating junk food, improper sleep cycle and not working out or exercising.”

Sugar has been a deadly drug, once addicted it is more severe and dreadful than any other. Sunny says, “It is addictive and is a trap, a sugar trap where getting in is easy but coming out is difficult.”

Sugar is the leading cause of problems such as diabetes, cancer, PCOD, obesity, heart attacks, tooth decay and gynae disease. It also affects the sexual life and stamina of an individual.  Dietitian Sunny Gupta urges people to adopt a healthy lifestyle and he also suggests that one can always satisfy their sugar craving with substitutes such as fruits, dates, figs, homemade chikkis etc.

Sugar triggers obesity and fats rapidly, it triggers tummy, belly and hips. Sugar intake in the form of Carbohydrates, Dairy products, Desserts, Coco, Cold drinks, Sweets, Cakes, Pastry etc.

A Holy Drug- Sugar, as said by Dt Sunny Gupta.

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