Entrepreneur and Dentist Dr. Motasem B. M. Bader – The Smile Designer from Jordan

Dr. Motasem B. M. Bader is one of the most renowned Cosmetic dentists (prosthodontists) hailing from Amman, Jordan. Smile Designer Dr. Motasem specializes in treating Complex Dental Cases that often need full mouth rehabilitation. He has sharp understanding of complex surgical procedures due to years of professional experience. His experience and knowledge along with Art and Dental technology available at his dental Center, never fails to continuously deliver a perfect smile for his patients. You Can Contact the dental Clinic for a consultation either by directly calling 0795058085 or through his website

Dr. Motasem completed his Bachelors of Dentistry from Moscow University, then he Completed Courses in Cosmetic Dentistry and Implantology. He built his empire on his own through hard work, dedication and continuous commitment to his work, making his dental practice today, one of the top practices in Jordan.

Prosperous entrepreneur and dentist Dr. Motasem Bader has a great Professional team of young dentists that he has trained himself working alongside with him. He and his team work tirelessly to deliver the desired results and get satisfied patients.

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