Indian Restaurant Baris & Caspian serving best of Indian delicacies Food Says owner Aaditya Bhardwaj

Hospitality industry leader Aaditya Bhardwaj is embarking on an entrepreneurial journey. He owned “BARIS Inspired Mediterranean Dining” restaurant based in Delhi. Aaditya Bhardwaj is a industry leader and trendsetter, with about 5 year of experience in the hospitality industry, Aaditya has curated a concept to provide integrated solutions for setting up hotels.

Aaditya Bhardwaj, this young aspiring, man is full of great passion and ambitions – one who never misses his targets and love to live a life king size and goes with one moto in life “carpe diem”. He is currently the owner of the famous restaurant named “BARIS Inspired Mediterranean Dining” located in the hearts of city Great Kailash is all emboldened by the intricately designed vintage-style tiles, serving traditional dishes blended in with Mediterranean & Turkish flavours & dividing the space into two parts – the dining section and a laid-back, roof-top lounge at the same time and Noida based Indian-Restaurant Caspian serving best of Indian delicacies.

Born in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, Mr.Bhardwaj completed his education in International Hospitality Administration at the University of West London. In the initial days of his career, the entrepreneur has also been into Films and television and Events of the camera, (production and casting) However, through all these years Aaditya had felt something was always “missing” in his life – something about himself that he needed to find out! This newfound realization is what gradually led to the genesis of Mr. Aaditya being a restaurateur, owning and managing 2 famous restaurants.

A pioneer in his field, this avid hustler believes in bringing new & innovative ways which involve transforming the experiential dining landscape. With his expertise & knowledge, the founder is passionate to widen his horizons in the field of the food & beverage industry and wants to set a benchmark in the hospitality industry by bringing the best of beverages & spirits. Apart from this young passionate entrepreneur even sets out to become a role model to other aspiring young entrepreneurs & young students out there with a say-” Where there is will there is a way”.

In his spare time, Aaditya loves to hear music, OH! did we miss something yes, this young handsome entrepreneur is even an artist by heart and is soon coming up with the debut music video planned for 2022.

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