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Entrepreneur journey

My entrepreneur journey started a long time back but it took the right turn after the pandemic. Looking forward to being the leading educationist in the country, I was taken aback by the pandemic. In this pandemic, I was hurtful to see people struggling to get important medical devices due to their above-average prices in the market. Another problem that I saw was the high availability of fake products. Shops have purchases low-quality, cheap products and sold them at high rates claiming those products as the best. People have complained about how cheap the medical products were and how their doctors disregarded the products for wrong readings.

Watching all the problems closely, I was determined to find a solution. Considering that the major demographic belonging to lower-middle-class people, I thought of starting a company whose products can be purchased by everyone in this tough time. Following the dream of helping millions, I took charge of OneAbove Health Care, a health and wellness venture to offer total healthcare solutions at value for money. I started with my savings and since then, I have never looked back. With the team’s collaborative efforts, OneAbove has crossed the turnover of more than 5 crores.


My brand’s name is OneAbove. We are ISO and CE-certified company. We have created a brand that is one notch above all others. OneAbove was made, keeping in mind the struggles of the common man in acquiring high-quality healthcare devices at affordable rates. Everything OneAbove does is about the people. Our vision is to make sure people love their health and are pro-active when it comes to monitoring the health and getting quick treatment. With our premium and clinically approved healthcare products, they can monitor their health level anywhere and anytime.

The goal is to have as many branches and distributors in the country as possible to make sure OneAbove reaches all those who need affordable medical devices. With this, we plan to give a one-stop solution for all the people who need premium essential medical devices at affordable rates. OneAbove is one notch above all the other companies. With the high quality yet affordable medical devices, we have aced the competition smoothly.

Mission and vision

OneAbove’s mission is to provide premium healthcare devices to the citizens of this country at the most affordable rates. With this, we try to save the hard-earned money of the people and reduce the stress on the health infrastructure. If people are diagnosing their problems at an early stage, it will help them and the health professionals to deal with the problem adequately and with minimum stress.

OneAbove believes that most of the diseases can be either cured or their seriousness can be brought down with the right diagnosis. It is advise by health professionals to be pro-active when it comes to diagnosis of diseases. Health professionals believe that early diagnosis can save a lot of hardwork, stress and hard earned money. Keeping the professionals view in mind, OneAbove made it their endeavor to provide the public at large, various self-care and healthcare products. It will not only eliminate or shorten the journey to an unhealthy life, but at the same time, it will lead to earlier therapeutic intervention. Along with that, it will also reduce the costs that comes with late decisions.


As a brand, we have faced numerous challenges but the biggest two challenges were to establish ourselves as a trusted brand and establish ourselves in the heart of people. In the pandemic, people have been duped by the companies by increasing the prices of essential healthcare products. With this, the public has lost trust in healthcare brands. Another issue that people faced was low-quality products showing irregular readings and making them worry beyond the threshold. With these, it was a challenge for us to make sure that we have the best of premium products that show the readings accurately. Apart from accuracy, we also tried to make sure that our products are in the range where everyone can buy them so that we have a place in the heart of people.

To establish ourselves as a trusted brand, we had to maintain a good number of quality B2B and B2C relations. We had to travel a lot and contact a lot of people to make sure we convey our mission, vision, and product details correctly. Listening to our vision of serving mankind, many people agreed even without knowing us personally. As of now, we have more than 300 distributors and super stockists that help us reach the masses.

Advice to newbies

Being in the entrepreneurship world for years now, I would advise the newbies to take entrepreneurship seriously. This world is not offering you overnight success. People who are new to this world must understand that before they get any high recognition, they have to work hard and smart to ace their competition. If they are coming into entrepreneurship without any real passion and just by looking at some attractive videos and slogans, then they will face failure repeatedly. So, it is advisable that you consider all the options and your passion before jumping into the entrepreneurship arena.

Article by Neha Mittal, Co-founder, oneAbove Healthcare

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