Rise of Erectile Dysfunction in Millenials

To quote Carl Jung, “medicines can cure diseases, but only doctors can cure the patients.”

Based in Byculla, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Dr. Tariq Khan (Sexologist in Mumbai) is one of the most renowned doctors for unani, ayurvedic and allopathic approach in the entire country. Apart from this, he is also known to cure erectile dysfunction in men on which we shall shed more light onto as the article progresses.

With an M.B.B.S. and M.CSEP International degree under his belt, Dr. Tariq Khan started out hoping he would make it big and make a name for himself. Many years later and here we are. People from all across the country are known to come to visit the doctor to take his expert advice on the services he specializes in.

Moving on to the work front, he specializes in many fields in sexology such as oligospermia and azoospermia treatment, erectile dysfunction, low semen count, low libido and infertility in men. He takes high pride in efficiently curing erectile dysfunction for good. Erectile dysfunction occurs when a man can’t get or keep an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse. The reasons for it could be old age, stress or anxiety, lack of sleep, low testosterone, smoking and drinking or high blood pressure. Dr. Khan, apart from this, also helps in the amelioration of premature ejaculation, too.

Shedding more light on erectile dysfunction, its earliest symptoms can be trouble getting an erection or reduced sexual desire. If diagnosed, it may lead to inability to getting your partner pregnant, stress and anxiety or even low self-esteem. But you can prevent/cure it. Methods include regular checkups with a doctor, avoiding tobacco, cigarettes, alcohol or drugs. Along with this, exercising regularly and getting help for anxiety, stress and depression is vital.

In the recent past, Dr. Tariq Khan has attended the National Conclave of Sexology in Goa as a delegate which was held by the Council of Sex Education & Parenthood International. There he spoke about how speaking up about sexual issues in the country has now been considered taboo and how we are all evolving backwards in terms of sexual confidence. He has taken a vow to abolish this so called taboo and instill in each individual a sense of confidence when they speak up about their sexual life.


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