Doctors Launch India’s First Gummy Vitamins, Making Healthcare Fun and Delicious

Taking an evolving approach to wellness, Wedjat Health Solutions, founded by doctors Dr Hema and Dr Sathish, has launched Health etc., India’s first doctor-formulated gummy vitamin brand. These delicious, chewable treats offer a fun and effective way to meet an individual specific nutritional needs, ditching the traditional pill routine. More gummies will be lined up for diabetes, skin, and kids to solve particular health-related needs shortly.

Boasting a rigorously researched formulation, Health etc. offers a range of gummies enriched with natural ingredients, essential vitamins, and minerals. The unique blend promises effectiveness, setting a new standard in the market. These gummies are free from sugar, gelatin, and GMOs, ensuring a wholesome and guilt-free health solution. The company has recently launched its products on Amazon, 1mg and its website, Cureka, to make the solutions readily available to everyone.

“We believe in making healthcare a joyful experience,” says Dr. Hema. “Our products are designed to promote wellness in a fun and engaging way, ensuring that individuals feel excited about taking care of their health.”

Dr Hema and Dr Sathish, the masterminds behind Health etc., emphasise the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation. Extensive studies are underway to validate product efficacy, Health etc. aims to deliver tangible health benefits to its consumers. The brand’s dedication to research and development underscores its mission to promote holistic well-being.

A highlight of Health etc.’s offerings is its range of gummies, which are detailed and crafted to address specific health concerns. From Vitamin D3 for bone health during menopause to Cranberry extract for urinary tract health, each gummy is tailored to support Women’s wellness needs.

Furthermore, Health etc. introduces Hair gummies formulated with essential amino acids and natural extracts to combat hair loss effectively. The Immunity gummy line also features potent ingredients like Elderberry extract and Curcumin to bolster the body’s defence mechanisms.

The product lineup, Sleep Gummies, offers a refreshing take on promoting restful sleep naturally. It is crafted to relax the mind and improve sleep quality; these gummies are a beacon of innovation in the wellness domain.

One of the distinguishing factors of Health etc. is its commitment to transparency and authenticity. All products undergo rigorous testing and open trials to ensure safety and efficacy. Moreover, Health etc. gummies are vegan-friendly, naturally flavoured, and meet daily recommended dosages, providing consumers with a trustworthy health solution.

Speaking on the brand’s ethos, Dr Hema and Dr Sathish express their vision of promoting health as a joyful endeavour. By offering innovative alternatives to traditional medication, Health etc. seeks to empower individuals to prioritise their well-being proactively.

With the recent launch of leading e-commerce platforms and impending offline availability, Health etc. is poised to evolve the Indian health and wellness landscape. As the first-of-its-kind doctor-formulated gummy brand in India, Health etc. represents a paradigm shift in daily health practices.


WEDJAT HEALTH SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED is a pioneering health and wellness company dedicated to redefining traditional health practices. Led by a team of visionary doctors, the company endeavours to promote holistic well-being through innovative and effective solutions.

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