Hyderabad based start-up, ‘Bask Associates’ launches India’s first of its kind freshly brewed coffee on the go!

Hyderabad, February 8th, 2022: Hyderabad based start-up, Bask Associates announced its formal foray into the market through a first of its kind freshly brewed coffee on the go model in the country – The Brew Tribe; at the T-Hub, today. Chief Guest Sri Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary, I & C and IT; Govt. of Telangana; formally launched The Brew Tribe, also present were Mr T Muralidharan, Chairman, FICCI, Telangana state & TMI Group; Ms Sanjana Shah, Executive Director, BNI, Hyderabad; Mr MS Rao, CEO, T-Hub and Founders of Bask Associates, Mr Sampath Samudrala; Mr Sanjuwar Devalapally; Ms Beena Sanjuwar and Ms Seshaphani Samudrala. The pilot project by the company at Gachibowli was a run-away success garnering over hundred cups per day.

The Brew Tribe offers a unique, affordable, freshly brewed coffee-on-the-go experience to coffee connoisseurs. The initiative is ecofriendly with coffee served from aesthetically designed Mahindra electric carts, in minimal plastic biodegradable Cups. The relatively low investment on infrastructure and operational costs associated with a mobile cart, makes the services pocket friendly. Trained Baristas brew coffee on the spot on a semi-automatic coffee machine, imported from Europe. The carts are placed at strategic locations in the city and are on the move to be within the reach of the customers.

Speaking on the occasion Sri Jayesh Ranjan said, this is an idea which cannot go wrong, as people consume multiple cups of coffee, tea, be it in South or North, East or West. Consumers are not price conscious about beverages, they are more conscious about quality. If you can standardise the product, ensure right kind of raw material you will capture the market. This is a concept which will have excellent receptivity among consumers and the idea of coffee on the go gives the flexibility, a smart idea, you are not tied down with fixed assets, in case there is not much demand in a neighbourhood, you have the flexibility to move to a conducive location. That way it’s a demand driven enterprise which makes lots of business sense. I am wondering why the other similar consumables are not following a similar model, instead of investing in a fixed asset, this kind of a light asset model will work very well. The range of coffees you offer is an USP, as you have a very discerning market and people are not going to accept any coffee or tea, the variety is what garners more and more customers. Coffee as we all know is a global product, there are some very niche coffees from Brazil, Latin America and other parts of the world, if you can offer them as well, it will attract newer customers. 

T Muralidharan addressing the gathering said, serving coffee is an exciting concept, especially for we Tamilians. The Brew Tribe concept is sound and confident of its sustainability and employability. Every dream begins with the first step and you have taken that first step. In entrepreneurship the connections you make is more important, much more than the enterprise itself you handle, the large network you build helps in times when you are in crisis and more importantly the goodwill earned in the community takes you far.

Sanjana Shah said, coffee is an attitude, it’s a language by itself, it’s a habit and if your business is involved in and around a habit, trust me there is no looking back. People normally get used to a flavour of the coffee and they will do anything to have that flavour, so here you have a great future. 

Accessing aromatic and flavorful freshly brewed coffee on the go is a luxury every commuter yearns for on the city roads. The Brew Tribe will tap this virgin market with enormous potential at an affordable price with utmost hygiene, quality and freshness, says Sampath Samudrala. We would like to go to places where coffee lovers are. Our coffee is not instant coffee, but espresso coffee, for which one has to go to a Café and is not available anywhere else. Being on wheels enables us to be on the move and reach out to the consumers wherever they are. We will also have some kiosks where the delivery aggregators can pick up and deliver. We are also thinking of aligning with Government schemes like Dalit Bandhu, where we can help in livelihood generation, which also facilitates our expansion in the state.

Currently Bask Associates plans to station at least 100 carts at different locations in Hyderabad city by this calendar year end and grow further. It also has plans to foray into Vijayawada and Vizag cities in Andhra Pradesh, besides focusing on Tier 2 cities like Warangal and Karimnagar and district headquarters. The company plans to be present in all the metros by the end of next calendar year, through a model of franchise and company owned carts in the ratio of 80% and 20% respectively.

In six months, we will ramp up our operations to national level through a robust franchise model, initially we will cover the Southern States which have more affinity to coffee as a beverage and then explore the other markets. Enquiries are already pouring in from various parts of India as there is huge demand for freshly brewed coffee on the go. We will add tea and munchies in due course, which along with coffee offers variety to suit every taste, says Sanjuwar Devalapally. We will be setting aside a portion of our income from every cup towards CSR initiatives, especially women empowerment and sustainability are two thrust areas for us. We are environment friendly in our operations and are ensuring zero wastage, including the coffee which is brewed will be passed on to interested customers to use it as manure for plants at home or to nurseries.

In Hyderabad, initially the carts will be located at commercial, Technology, Business and leisure hubs like Madhapur, Khajaguda, KBR Park, Durgam Cheruvu, Gachibowli, and Botanical Gardens to cater to college and office going coffee lovers. The menu includes freshly brewed drip coffee, Black coffee, Coffee Latte, and Irish Coffee frappes and in summers will offer cold coffees. The mobile carts can also cater to family, social and corporate events. The Brew Tribe will partner with delivery aggregators for doorstep service too.

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